If you would like to conduct archival research from home, the PEC Archives can accommodate you: 

For Family History Research: Please send an email/letter with the first and last names of the individuals you are researching + any additional details you know such as birth dates, death dates, middle names, occupations, and places lived. Please only send up to 4 names per email. Archives staff can then check our database for records and email you a list of the results. This allows you to choose what records you would like to see. Once you have made your selections, please email back so we can send you scans of the records (Please note: We are only able to scan/photocopy 10 records per name you are researching due to time and staff constraints).

*Due to privacy law, Archives staff can only provide access to birth records up to 1920, death records up to 1945. and marriage records up to 1935, more recent records must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar General, located in Thunder Bay.

For House History Research: Please send an email/letter with the lot and concession number of your property (normally found on your tax form) and your address. With this information, we can look for Land Abstract records for your property (which record everyone who has ever owned or mortgaged the land up to 1960) and see if there is a Historical Architectural Survey of Prince Edward County entry. Some of Land Abstract entries have corresponding instrument numbers. Instruments are normally Land Deeds, Mortgage Deeds or occasionally Wills. Once you have looked at the Land Abstracts, you can let us know if you would like scans of any of the instruments. Please be aware that while we have many Land Deeds in our collection, we do not have all of them and have very few Mortgage Deeds as these documents were generally not retained after the mortgage was paid off. It is important to note that Land Abstract Records may not definitively show when your house was built, however it is often possible to make an approximation based on an increase in land price. (Please note: We are only able to scan/photocopy 15 records per property due to time and staff constraints).

Subject Requests: If you would like information regarding a specific topic (example: history of a church, local history, County events) please send provide a detailed question regarding what facts you are interested in learning.  (Please note: We are only able to scan/photocopy 15 records per subject due to time and staff constraints).


Photocopy (black and white) and Scans, per page
Letter 8.5 x 11 Legal 8.5 x 14 Ledger 11 x 17
1-10 copies/ scans 20₵ 20₵ 25₵
11-49 copies/ scans 15₵ 15₵ 20₵

*For Scans all patrons will need to sign and send krichardson@peclibrary.org a scan of our Conditions of Use Form.

*For Photocopies postage fees will be charged based on letter weight. 

All patrons will be sent an invoice upon completion of request. Please send a cheque payable to the County of Prince Edward Public Library and Archives by mail. Requests can take up to 3 weeks depending on their complexity. 

For Assistance: Email Archivist Krista Richardson krichardson@peclibrary.org or send PEC Archives a letter. If sending a letter, please include your telephone number so we can easily get in touch with you if any details need clarification. 

Our Mailing Address is:

PEC Archives
261 Main Street
P.O. Box # 370
Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0

IMPORTANT: This service is available to residents of Prince Edward County, otherwise distance request fees apply. A distance request costs $10.00 per hour for research (first half-hour free) and 20₵ per page for printing or 50₵ per scan plus the cost of postage.

Home Request Service

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