Patrons who request either photographic prints or digital images will not receive the images without filling out the Request for Publication and Photograph Form. Digital images will not be sent via email to the public.

Digital Image Files

Digital Records provided to the public will not be altered, cropped or edited in any way without the permission of the Archives Manager and CEO.

Photocopying and Scanning

For reproduction of an image in print, digital or electronic form, a reproduction and condition of use form must be signed. The cost for reproduction is as follows:

  • Print 300dpi printing on 8.5 x 11 $3.00-
  • Condition of use and reproduction form must be signed.
  • Photocopies/prints are $0.20 per page (1-10), $0.15 per page (10+); all photocopies/prints must be stamped with the archives stamp on the back before released to the patron.
  • 300dpi digital or electronic files $5.00 per file-condition of use for must be signed
  • 600dpi or higher digital files $25.00 per image-condition of use for must be signed
  • Not for profit rates will also be provided.

Micro Film Reels and Readers

Micro Film Machines may be booked for 3 hours at a time. If an appointment is not made, the machines will be frequented at first come first serve basis.

Retrieval of Archival Materials

Patrons are not permitted to retrieve material; retrieval is a service provided by Archives Staff.

Research Assistance

Research assistance will be provided for patrons as time allows.

Research Fees

A research fee of $10.00 for half a day (3 hours) or $20.00 (4-6 hours) for a day will be administered to non residents of Prince Edward County for facility use. Those who have a library card are not subject to the fee. Patrons using the microfilm machines, genealogical materials, or reference materials will not be subject to the charge. (These processes are not time-consuming, and they can often be done independently.)

Distance Requests

$10.00 per 45 minutes of research plus the cost of photocopies/prints, and postage. All photocopies/prints must be stamped with the archives stamp on the back before released to the patron. The first 30 min of research is always free.

Copyright Policy

Access Policy: Areas of access covered in this policy include:

  • Physical access: we aim to maintain buildings and facilities that are as physically accessible as possible and to provide a good standard of customer care.
  • Intellectual access: we aim to provide information in a range of formats appropriate to the needs of a wide range of visitors.
  • Financial access: we aim to keep charges to a minimum to ensure that as many people as possible are able to access our services.
  • Where possible, the facility will provide access and parking for pushchairs, on site wheelchairs, and seating, for the comfort and ease of visitors.
  • Wherever possible the facility will provide adequate signage and navigation to suit a range of needs, and will respond to requests made by the public regarding information required in alternative formats, as resources become available.

Education Policy

  • The facility aims to provide a range of handling materials for different audiences and levels of ability.
  • Education materials will be made available for different audiences and abilities, as required and as resources allow.
  • The Archivists maintains the current care and control of the documents within the provincial standard.
  • The Archivist will regularly assess the condition and needs of the Archives collection and its environment.
  • The Archivist will develop security, storage, handling, preservation, and conservation procedures to its holdings according to current accepted standards.
  • The Archivist will maintain the presence of qualified staff in the Archives in order to maintain intellectual control, monitor physical and environmental conditions, and ensure controlled access the Archives’ holdings.
  • The Archivist will manage funds provided to the Archives with accountability.
  • The Archivist will develop guidelines and procedures for preservation storage and handling and for Disaster Prevention, Readiness and Recovery.
  • The Archivists will maintain intellectual and physical control of the records in its custody, and develop policies, procedures and guidelines to achieve this mandate to serve Prince Edward County.

Archives Services

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