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Glenwood Cemetery Company is an active cemetery located in a large, well groomed, park-like setting just two blocks off Main Street in Picton, Ontario, Canada. It offers complete cemetery services.

One of the most beautiful and historic cemeteries in Ontario with its 62 acres of rolling hills, majestic mature forests, and winding roads, Glenwood is typical of the Victorian age and remains largely unchanged since its 19th century origins. The cemetery was incorporated in 1873 and is operated by a Volunteer Board of Directors.



Glenwood Cemetery now has an alphabetical listing of mapped burials accessible online. Click the button below to access the database.

Glenwood Cemetery Database Glenwood Cemetery Database

About the Database: Alphabetical listing of mapped burials

This alphabetical listing of burials has been produced from monument inscriptions and information from numerous documents. Where documents were relied on for burial locations, an asterisk appears after the Given Name and the source of information provided in the Notes column. Some burials have been located on reasonable assumption based on family ties (i.e. husband with wife; son/daughter with parents in a family plot). Grave locations are per the remapping of the Cemetery developed 2009 – 2011.

The following are the documents searched with abbreviated I.D. used in the Listing:

  • Old Map – hand written names on the old large scale maps of the Cemetery
  • Burial Register (BR) – detailed register of burials from 1877 to 1917
  • Consent – written consents for burials by plot owners
  • Newspaper – Death Notices, “Stonescript” articles & Obituaries from Picton Gazette (County Archives and Glenwood scrapbook)
  • General Ledger (GL) – listed burial revenue from 1922 to 2009
  • Old Source Book (OSB) – document listing burials by location to late 1930’s and hand written burials by date from early 1940’s to mid-1950’s
  • Burial Permits and Cremation Certificates (BP) – since the mid1950’s
  • 1983 DOC. – burial document produced in 1983 (student works project)
  • Burial List – hand written listing of burials 1983 to 2009

Misc, other abbreviations:

  • U/G – unmapped graves; denoted where a listed burial possibly matches (i.e. J.P.Doe, no dates, as listed/mapped, may be Unmapped John Doe who
  • * (other than after Given Name) – refer to Notes column for comments, etc.

Entry format:

1. Spousal

i) by given name only unless they do not appear under same surname on the

ii) first spouse in “Spouse” column. Wife remarries (surname change) – denoted in Notes column

2. Surname

i) “Mc”, “Van”, etc. – continuous script

3. Given name

i) common/nickname denoted “..”

ii) caution that entry may be middle name, not necessarily first name.


Glenwood Cemetery

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